Wood framed building cost will vary depening on current market conditions!


Recently recognized as a top design in the Buffalo, NY area!!!

Now available - roofing & siding with a 40 year warranty!

Pictures not completely representative of prices shown below.

Below prices include the following:
*Self tapping screws for all sheeting to framing connections!

    *Baked enamel colored walls with a galvalume roof!
      *1' overhang with colored soffitt.
           *W88-20 heavy duty insulated walk door!

The M-2000 Commercial provides all the components necessary to provide for a building that can be used in "commercial" or "suburban" construction. The M-2000 Commercial provides a complete clear span shell that can be finished with drywall, paneling or steel sheeting . Interior walls, plumbing, electrical can be added easily where needed along with overhead or sliding doors. A detailed framing drawing available upon request. Many other sizes available!

25x36x10 $call 34x50x12 $call 40x80x12 $call 61x80x16 $call
25x48x10 $call 34x60x12 $call 40x100x12 $call 61x100x16 $call
31x50x10 $call 40x50x12 $call 50x60x16 $call 61x120x16 $call
31x60x10 $call 40x60x12 $call 50x80x16 $call 61x140x16 $call
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