Building framework is all southern pine!  NO spruce, NO white pine, NO hem fir!  Be sure you compare!

Wood framed building cost will vary depening on current market conditions!


Hundreds of other sizes to choose from!!


Recently recognized as a top design in the Buffalo, NY area!!!

"M" buildings on sale!

Colored walls, Galvalume Roof

31x40x9 - 10x8 opening, walk door, self tapping screws.

NOW $9862

40x60x13 - 16x14 all steel sliding door, walk door, self tapping screws.  Add $320 for 20x14 slide door.


NOW $16756

50x90x16 - 24x15 all steel sliding end door , walk door, self tapping screws.  Add $2400 for extra slide door.


NOW $28061

61x120x16 - 30x15 all steel sliding end door , walk door, self tapping screws.  Add $2700 for extra door.


NOW $40968

Now available - roofing & siding with a 40 year warranty!

Nail laminated columns available!

A) Full length pressure treated heavy duty square post with full 40-year warranty!

B) For ultimate strength the truss sets in a "notched" post with "3 thru bolts". No nailing the truss on the side of the post as seen on some buildings. Heavy duty trusses, designed for 10' spacing, speed construction time! (except 25' widths)

C) Steel cable "X" bracing as seen in all steel buildings in side walls and roof. Many times the strength of typical wood bracing!

D) In many cases trusses designed so a hoist can be mounted for pulling heavy loads.

E) 2x6 roof purlins in galvanized brackets set between the trusses provide a strong bird-proof roof! A must for heavy snow and high wind areas!

F) Self-tapping side lap screws provide a weather tight seal that will for outlast the holding power of even ring shanked nails!

G) Cannon ball style tubular Erect-A-Trak with bottom door guides provide the best hardware available for long lasting and easy to move sliding doors. (At no extra cost sliding doors are all steel framed when 20'x14' or larger!)

H) Classic Steel roofing and siding provides you with superior strength and commercial appearance. Available in 12 eye appealing colors and Industrial rated galvalume!

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