Supplier of pre-engineered wood and metal frame buildings nationwide.

Founded on April 5, 1899, By Anton Stratmann, the Stratmann Lumber Company - known as Strat-O-Span - celebrated 120 years in business. Strat-O-Span Buildings has established a quality line of lumber and steel building products through 5 generations and have always shown "Quantity in Buying"; "Honesty in Selling"; "Volume Sales through Mass Marketing". Strat-O-Span can provide wood framed buildings from our manufacturing plant in Breese, IL. All steel frame buildings can be shipped from 36 factory locations nationwide!  Our steel roofing and siding is available from 36 factory locations nationwide!

Call toll free 800-851-4550 for complete pricing today!

Or fax us your needs at 618-526-2584!

Or E-mail us a request for pricing at Be sure to list the type building you are interested in on the "subject" line of the e-mail message. List your complete building needs via e-mail for an immediate price!

Many of our buildings are built by the end user as a "do-it-yourself" project. The satisfaction of personal accomplishment along with the savings on labor is gratifying. Otherwise Strat-O-Span has available a number of contracting firms available for nationwide construction.

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